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Microscopic pores in the ceramic tile allow dirt and other debris to become trapped below the surface, where regular mopping cannot remove it. This dirt and debris continue to build up inside the ceramic tile spores, leaving your tile and grout looking dark and dirty.  Even hand-scrubbing is ineffective, not to mention time consuming and extremely labor intensive.


Huck's Carpet Cleaning uses a powerful tile and grout cleaning system (The Spinner hard surface cleaner), powered by our truck mount with a 230-degree water temperature that will safely remove built up dirt and grime. The unlimited supply of hot water and the powerful extraction removes the dirt and takes the soil back to the truck.  A mop and a bucket will not do this.

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Worried about harsh chemicals?  We use safe products that will not leave lingering harsh chemical residue.  We want to clean your house perfectly, but we don't want you breathing in chemicals in the process. We have built up our business by being honest with our customers and giving them the best in customer support and results.

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